The development of a child’s language skills begins at birth.  They are already communicating in their own unique way and as they grow, they begin to acquire the language of their environment. We know that placing a child in a language rich environment is essential to their language development.  The Montessori classroom is designed to where the children will gain vocabulary, communication skills, and listening skills.  They are acknowledged for what they learn and for what they have to say.

As the child gets older they are introduced to the world of reading and writing.  Understanding that reading usually manifests itself before writing, Montessori has materials that allows the children to explore letter sounds and words without being hampered by trying to hold a pencil.  With materials such as the Movable Alphabet, a child can work with phonetics and word building while refining their fine motor skills for writing.  They are introduced to literature through story reading and begin to gain an enjoyment for reading.  At the Elementary level, they begin to explore the rules of grammar, the functions of words, and begin work in the areas of research and composition.

Take a look below at our children explore Language at Smaller Scholars.

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