The goal of the Cultural Studies Area is to help the child discover his own place and purpose in the world.  This area encompasses natural and physical science, geography, history, and social studies, as well as humanities and art.  The children are introduced to and explore these many areas.  They begin through experiences in the classroom, utilizing visual media, maps, charts, time lines, and at times experience  the real thing.  These experiences eventually grow to the higher levels of learning.

As the child gets older, they begin to learn of the inter-relationships between these areas.  Through large group “WOW!” lessons, the child is introduced to many new and fascinating concepts which encourage them to ask “Why?”, learn about causes and effects, and to look for and discover answers to their questions.  Through these lessons and their individual work, the children gain the skills to observe, classify, interpret, synthesize, and evaluate information about their world and to become insightful, perceptive, sensitive, and thoughtful participants in it.

Take a look below at our children explore Cultural at Smaller Scholars.

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