Enrollment Process

We invite you to visit Smaller Scholars Montessori Academy – it is your opportunity to see our Montessori classrooms in progress and the beauty of how Montessori works.

Due to our individualized instruction, your child may enroll at any time.  You can set an appointment or drop by for a visit and interview with a school administrator.  At this time we will be able to answer any specific question that you have. When an opening becomes available at the school, the Director will contact you immediately provided you have secured a place on the waiting list by submitting your paid registration and appropriate forms.

After your admission is confirmed Administration will set a date for you and your child to return for orientation before your child begins classes.


Our children wear uniforms as we believe it gives the children a sense of pride and a feeling of belonging to a group. Naturally, the Montessori Method ensures that the children continue to develop as individuals through their own personality and abilities.