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In this warm and caring environment, the children begin their understanding of the world around them.

Age Range:
18 months - 3 years
Areas of Learning:

Social and Emotional Development

Body Awareness

Fine and Gross Motor Skills

Language Development

Toddler1It is here that the child’s intelligence begins to form. During this period of the “absorbent mind”, the children gather knowledge through employing all their senses to experience their environment. This natural and spontaneous learning process allows them to explore and learn without being hampered by trying to understand instructions in a language they are just beginning to understand. They begin acquiring language naturally, learning the names of things that they are experiencing everyday. Through movement they develop body awareness and primary motor coordination. They learn to care for themselves and for their environment, which develops a sense of order and fosters independence and self-reliance. Most importantly, they gain a love of learning.

Our toddler program engages your child through a variety of activities in the areas of music and movement, art, and practical life activities. The classroom is set up to allow freedom of movement and provides a rich environment for the children to explore. The toddler program will introduce your child to a world of beauty, peace, and the joys of learning.

*Programs and activities may vary by school and may be subject to change without notice. Please contact your local school for additional information on school-specific programs and activities.

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