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“The elementary child has reached a new level of development. Before he was interested in things: working with his hands, learning their names. Now he is interested mainly in the how and why… the problem of cause and effect” – Maria Montessori

Age Range:
Lower Elementary: ages 6 - 9
Upper Elementary: ages 9 - 12
Areas of Learning:

Social and Emotional Development

Physical Development

Cognitive Development Including:

- Computers and Technology

- Spanish

- Dramatic Arts

*Available only at our Dairy Ashford Campus.

Elementary-1The elementary program is divided into two groups, Lower Elementary consisting of six to nine year olds and Upper Elementary made up of nine to twelve year olds.

Students in the Lower Elementary (grades 1-3) are now moving from concrete to more abstract conceptual learning. The students further build independence and confidence by striking out on their own, exploring and researching, using the tools that they have developed at the Primary level. The classroom environment, Montessori materials, wireless technology, a smart board, and multimedia equipment help support learning that allows the children to answer deeper questions about the world around them beyond just reading, writing, and arithmetic.

Upper Elementary (grades 4-6) focuses on communication, connectivity, and collaboration. The ideas of justice and right or wrong become a stronger focal point for the upper elementary children; therefore, class meetings, Socratic questioning, peer mediation and peer tutoring enhance the child’s thirst for social interaction and acceptance. The Upper Elementary work is designed to foster an understanding between the academic skills learned in Lower Elementary and how they are connected to the “real world.” It is a time for the students to apply previous knowledge and answer the age old questions: ”Why do I need to know that?” and “What is this good for?” Through collaborative projects the 4th through 6th graders practice leadership roles, time management, and how to negotiate or even agree to disagree. These skills are truly beneficial to succeed in any of their future endeavors.

Click the play button below to view the Lemonade Blast Commercial created by Summer Upper Elementary students. Starting their own business, students once again used knowledge, creativity, and technology in a real world application. The children donated their profits to various school-related projects including supplemental science materials, classroom pets, and student-elected games for the After School Program-an invaluable lesson on setting goals.

*Programs and activities may vary by school and may be subject to change without notice. Please contact your local school for additional information on school-specific programs and activities.

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